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Why Customer Service Is Important For Your Small Business.

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Every little effort made by the businessowner to please the customer goes a long way in making  him feel a sense of association. In our everyday lives, there are little businesses which we feel attached to, which we are loyal to, and do not want to leave, either because of convenience, price or social factors such as: recommendation by friends, patronage by members of our social circles and prestige.

From time to time, we go the barber shop, beauty salon, laundry, tailor, cobbler, furniture maker, internet services retailer, outdoor caterer, dentist, physician and a host of everyday services we consume. The thin line between clients leaving and staying is customer service. It is easier to spread opinions about a bad service experience to other clients or prospective clients. Recommendations are beneficial as well as harmful to the reputation of a small business. Positive words of mouth, elicit the desire to experience the provider’s service. If a girl had a good experience at the hair salon, she wouldn’t hesitate to tell her friends and relatives about the latest salon in town. If you get a continuous trend of having your clothes drycleaned spotlessly, you wouldn’t think twice about remaining with the same laundry service provider. Good customer service can lure a client even from a far location: these are the benefits of the virtuous link between customer service quality and customer loyalty.

Here are a few tips to achieving great customer service for your small business:

  • Always be reliable and competent.
  • Be responsive, and avoid wasting the customer’s time.
  • Always do things that will assure the customer that you are the right service provider.
  • Ensure your service environment is conducive. Ambience factors like decoration, arrangement, equipment and lighting are attractive.
  • Customers are emotional. Be ever ready to handle their tantrums, baggage and erratic behaviour. Always try to understand them and learn how better your service will help them.

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