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Ways To Obtain Customer Metrics

Marketing analytics is not limited to big enterprises, but your small business can gain from it too. Without information, would you be able to differentiate between causes and effects?

Marketing Information

It is with marketing information that you would be able develop strategies for curbing any lingering problems in your marketing programmes. You don’t need any sophisticated research campaign to understand your customers, but with some little efforts from you and your partners, great information could be generated for the enhancement of your business.

  • You could use customer traffic to improve your services. Customer traffic involves knowing the number of customers who troop into your place per hour, day, week, month and year. Simply and patiently enumerate the customers on a daily basis, the time which is their peak period, the time when they visit least. With these, you can get the data for the week, month and year. You can actually know the busiest hours of the day or busiest days of the week, by using an average. Information like these would help you improve service, stock adequate products and know whether there’s a need for more employees. On the customer’s side, it would help him know when to avoid excess traffic, when there would be ample parking space and of course, when there would be less queuing.
  • Speaking to the customers. Having a tète-a-tète  with the customers not only establishes bonding, but extracts some truths about you. Interview random customers and ask them how you could improve and treat them better. You would be surprised by the long list of honest suggestions you will get. The customers are always right and you must not take their advise with a pinch of salt. Take them seriously.
  • Survey them using questionnaires. This is a classic tool which is used to gather customer information. Distribute these questionnaires as they are leaving the shop, and just take a few minutes of their time. You may not want to waste their time, so your questions must be few, short and easy.

Business information is not to be disregarded by any owner, because they expose the reasons for the malaise in certain areas. From there, solutions can be created. Nowadays, small to big enterprises upload their customer/client traffic data on tools such as Google Maps. It gives the customers an idea of what to expect, when they are at the business place. Look at the graph on this picture:

Google Maps is amazing

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