Top 4 Music Streaming Apps Today.

Apple Music has pushed Apple's services to a whole new level.
Apple Music came into the scene in 2015. It has quickly become one of the most popular streaming platform in the world, with an estimate of 30 million songs available to hungry listeners. It is also a platform for interaction with the artistes. It is available to Android users on Google Play store. As low as $4.99, you can subscribe for a family plan.

Spotify is one of the largest streaming platforms out there in the cyberspace.

Spotify leads in the media streaming industry. It contains videos, handmade music, over 30 million songs and podcasts. Users feel it’s rounded just do the fact that it has video content and podcasts. It’s available to iOS and Android users. As low as $9.99 per month, you can subscribe.

Play Music is the primary music playing and streaming app for android devices. You can purchase videos and songs here.
Google Play Music

Google Play Music boasts over 35 million songs and ranks as everybody’s favourite streaming app. Subscribers get a YouTube Red membership, which allows them to see videos, ad free. You can listen for free, but are limited to selected playlists, while paid subscribers have access to premium content.

Amazon music is clearly one of Amazon's upcoming services. With an estimate of 30 million songs on its database, it will catch up with Apple and Spotify soon.
Amazon Music

Quite an underrated app, it is on its way to catching up with Apple, Spotify and Google. There are over 30 million songs in its database.Subscription is $100 a year and $11 a month. This is not yet available in Nigeria, just like Google Play Music and Spotify, although, you could use your foreign account to keep having access to the app.

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