Showing Manners At Work

Relate well with your colleagues at the office

Manners are good and bad. Which do you choose to have? Your behavioural inclination towards people around you has a role to play in the kind of manners you display at the office. As you work with people from diverse ethnic, socio-cultural, religious, family, academic and economic backgrounds, there is definitely going to be a culture shock from you and them, but in all these, having good manners will trump all. Here are a few tips on how to behave in the office:

1. Always respect your colleagues, junior or senior(age wise or rank wise).

2. Do not have the penchant of making lame jokes every time.

3. Do not make noise always.

4. Be thankful towards your colleagues and superiors, after they’ve assisted you.

5. Learn to share resources with them. Not necessarily money, but other little things that matter, like sharing food, drinks, cigarettes, work space and work equipment.

6. Do not be untidy. Always clear your workspace and thrash all waste properly. And off course abide by restroom rules.

7. Every little greeting counts. Even if you are moody, always acknowledge and reciprocate greetings. Do not be tagged as a snob.

8. Always participate in the extra activities of the office, even if you are not interested. Just show up.

9. Work with time and give yourself a personal target. Within time, it will become your normal character.

10. Do not be indolent. Always ask your colleagues if there is any work you can do. If you do that continually, they will reciprocate when it’s your turn.

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