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Effective communication and business success.

There are different kinds of people you will find in a business firm or a work place, no matter how small or large it may be. They are from different socio-cultural backgrounds, tend to understand things in different ways, possess different ideologies, personalities, qualifications and level of exposure. It is imperative that the way they communicate with each other would contribute significantly to:

1. Organisational harmony

2. Effectiveness and

3. Productivity.

For communication to be effective, it must be sent from the encoder to the decoder, who is the receiver, given that there are not any impediments, known technically as “noise”. Practically, noise could be in the shape of: passing information to a receiver in a place where he cannot hear the sender, sending office memos with poor hand writing , sending emails in very small fonts, writing letters whose bodies are rather unclear and full of grammatical errors. The list is endless. Noise, in the sphere of communication,is not limited to sound, but extends to sight as well.

To prevent these elements that could inhibit communication, the message must possess these six characteristics to achieve a significant level of effectiveness:

1. It must be clear

2. It must be concise

3. It must be complete

4. It must be courteous

5. It must be concrete

6. It must also be correct

When these six factors are put into cognisance during the course of communication, there would be a lot of effective results for the business.

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  1. So true. You know..99%:thinks physical noise is only the hinderance in communication thereby ignoring the worst types-sematic et physiological…I dread the latter..even in the grave yard, if you aren’t chemically, physically n biologically balanced…nothing for you…you see some people paying so much attention-but men the shit is almost falling of, some listening to the worms in their stomach,crying for food…people like this can’t decode anything…the worst one is when you r stressed-you’r physically ok. But your brain is do not even get to notice this type of noise…ok..let me stop making noise.

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