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Diary of that girl seeking for one guy's attention


How do you do! What a rainy morning! The rain makes you feel like not doing anything. What do we have for you today? A fresh post from the wonderful Ihechi. Read and enjoy:

Jane was my childhood friend. We played and went to school together from nursery to university. As we grew older, she turned out really pretty. This made her get so much attention from a lot of guys. Sometimes I dey beef herself (lol). Kilode!How can a fellow woman be so attractive? Whenever we go out, she was always the center of attraction. Nobody dey even send my side Hahahahha. Sometimes when she tells me we need to go out, I will purposely avoid it so I don’t get embarrassed as usual. In fact, the one that pained me so much, was that one day a guy I knew, oh Kelvin- he was my coursemate and he’s been asking me out. I was trying to prove hard to get, the usual way. Eventually we hooked up in an event after school and he got my number. We got talking almost intimately, until we decided to have a date. A day to our date, Jane and I went to see movies, on our way out of the mall, we ran into Kelvin. I introduced Jane to Kelvin. She was aware of who he was, because has had a history of asking her out. I also told her that I might start dating him, as you know feelings were setting in. After the introduction, Kelvin started acting strangely ; he fixed his eyes permanently on Jane as if he saw a ghost. I tried to pretend that everything was fine. I asked him what was wrong, he said nothing. I knew the problem. He asked for Jane’s number on one occasion that he wanted to check on her, It’s just number na, so I gave him. We never even had the date because, when I called, he said he was out of town(someone I saw a day before) Ok now! I was depressed, I felt I wasn’t meant for any man. I talked to one other friend and she said I should stay away from Jane that she’s badluck but I didn’t believe her- I was born into a Christian home and my parents never believed in superstitious beliefs. Jane also has been a great friend to me. I cannot kill a friendship of 25 years just because of a man. I decided I wasn’t going to let it bother me anymore. I started reading books on how to improve my self esteem.I started doing things that make me happy and bothered less of the next guy to meet. To cut this long story short. I am married with three children today and the man I got married to, met me through Jane. He wasn’t attracted to Jane as the case is always but was attracted to me and begged Jane so much to talk to me. Moral of the story: before you bury that relationship, think about why you want to bury it. Is it worth it? Is it the person’s fault to learn ┬áto be yourself and don’t be in a hurry. The one for you will locate you wherever, however and whenever.

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  1. Yea yea,,,that feeling of being less attractive,,hahaha,,i hope jane is married now,,,, but does every lay’s life revolve around an Adam?

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