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5 foods to serve your friends while having a football hangout

Most times we do not want be alone on football days. We want the game to be memorable. Which other way do you make it more memorable than having your friends over for a football date. You are not going to bore them, right? So, you have to make food and booze available for a legendary, premium match day experience, which cannot be traded for being live at the Emirates Stadium or Stamford Bridge. Try these beauties:

Isi ewu (Mutton)

Isi Ewu, or better known internationally, as Mutton, is mixed with vegetables, palm and potash, pepper, seasoning, onions and a whole lot more. It is quite engaging and makes the match even more entertaining and unforgettable.


Nkwobi is a popular “joint food”. The sweet spices and herbs are so refreshing. This is especially popular among the ladies. Present this and you’ve won your female friends over.


With some beer, there’s no dull moment with your friends. A football fan hanging out at a bar or at someone else’s home would appreciate sharing a beer or two with the buddies. Tip: don’t stock only one brand in your fridge. Assort the beers and it will be more fun.


There’s nothing more joyous than watching a football game, with some pizza by the side. My favourite is vegetarian pizza, the one with olives and bell pepper strips. Chicken pizza isn’t bad also. Don’t forget to order some soft drinks and Beck’s Beer.

Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings with calamari sauce is a joy to behold. You don’t just want it to finish, because the sweetness is savoury. The creamy sauce is yummy and it makes the viewing experience worthwhile. Have some glasses or bottles of lager with this. If you want to be modest, take some Cider with it.

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