3 Ways To Get A Meaningful Primary Assignment During your NYSC

nysc posting primary assignment
NYSC posting primary assignment

It’s time to serve the fatherland and you’ve successfully gotten to the camp, been assigned to a platoon and registered for bed space. Some are fortunate to finish all these within a short span of time, while others end up in very long queues. You are definitely going to make much friends before you leave the camp, but if you do not participate actively in the activities provided, the experience may not be rich for you. 

It is wise for a youth corper to get noticed for being a hardworker. You may think that your platoon officer isn’t taking note of the exceptionally good corp members. Here are three ways you could boost your chances of getting a good primary assignment (PPA):

1. Join a volunteer group: there’s a plethora of groups to join, for example, the Red Cross, which provides first aid for members, during drilling sessions. Another good volunteer group at your disposal is the Orientation Broadcasting Services (OBS), which deals with disseminating information across camp. They may even get you links to serving in broadcasting and newspaper companies.

2. Volunteering at the Clinic: during the orientation camping, there are a lot of medical cases, ranging from serious to mild. Anyway, doctors are encouraged to volunteer in taking care of the patients. There are opportunities for members with medical backgrounds, during posting for primary assignments.

3. Participate actively in your platoon: do your drills with honour and pride. Be noticed. Do not hide from the exercises. Your drill coordinator may even commend your work ethics and thus give you referrals to your platoon officer, during posting for primary assignment.


  1. Ummmmm……dts pure bobo…there is alws an inner room ‘the other room’ where things re been done in
    the camp…mk sure you search for that room..and notice the fifo who have relation weda indirect or direct
    to d room..d rest is ur tactics..

    Or or can just chill to be posted..stay at home for 4 to ur ppa nd tell dem to reject u with
    some strategic reasons

    Or get a letter from your place of interest…

    MEANWHILE, mr moderator! Is there any thing like a bad PPA.. under d sun or in d rain, with dedication
    nd should accept your fate and serve the nation…just do your best…….its d clarion
    call……the nation needs ur service..we shouldnt run from it.

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